Breath of Remembrance

Remember who you are through expanded states of consciousness 

Private sessions

Online Private Breathwork + Integration Session Via Zoom ( 2.5 hours )

30 min - Sharing + Preparation

60 min - Breathwork Session

60 min - Integration Session 

Online  2.5 Hour Intensive - $195 ( SPECIAL OFFER during COVID-19 Quarantine )


Holotropic Breathwork or 5 Hour Breath of Remembrance- Individual session 

with Lana Elco

If you have a busy schedule and cannot make it to our Saturday workshops or if you prefer to explore this powerful technique in a private setting, please, feel free to register for an individual session. We can discuss details via phone/email and set up time and location for your convenience. Please, keep in mind to plan 5 hours for preparation, session and integration. 

Individual 5 hour Intensive - $450 

Holotropic Breathwork + Integration Session ( 60 min) - $550

A few warm words from my client Gary about our Private Holotropic Breathwork Session:

My name is Gary Hirthler and I'd like to share my first Holotropic Breathwork experience with you.
I did not have many expectations going in to my private session with Lana.  Many events in my life had mysteriously appeared pointing me into this direction, so I was hopeful my session would provide something profound, and boy did it ever!

Lana could not have set the session up better with what I experienced.  Along with the beautiful space she held, Lana gave me a few tips that came up so powerfully during the session.  Without her guidance, I have no doubt I would not have been able to reach the depth I did.  Her facilitation brought me to a traumatic experience from my childhood - one I did not know was traumatic until this day.  I saw clearly in this vision how this event has effected me so profoundly throughout my life, and how it dictated so much of my behavior since that point.  I saw vividly exactly how this process came about, and that realization caused me to begin crying.  I cried for what seemed like 30 minutes to an hour, and every time I surrendered, a new insight would come to me about this traumatic experience, bringing more clarity to my life, who I am, and why it is I do the things I do.  I cried tears of sadness, of gratitude, of amazement.  During this time I had the opportunity to let that little boy know that he is OK, that everything is fine.  

Another aspect of this process Lana focuses on beautifully is the integration after the session.  She emphasizes the importance of taking care of yourself after the session.  In this integration process I began to notice a feeling of acceptance coming from me to other people in my life who I normally struggle with accepting.  This was such an incredible surprise, and I can only explain it by the deep level of acceptance that I applied to myself during the breathwork session.
After my experience, I cannot recommend Lana and Holotropic breathwork enough.  It was truly life changing for me, and I very much look forward to pursuing more breathwork in the future.
- Gary Hirthler, Santa Cruz, CA

Breath Of Remembrance - Individual Session

With Lana Elco

A shorter and lighter modality of Breathwork, with 1 hour of preparation and instruction, only 1 hour of breathing and  1 hour of integration. Perfect way to try breathwork journey and dive into deep self-exploration. Individual session is the best way to get more privacy, receive maximum support, guidance and bodywork (if necessary). Also it provides you with an opportunity to share deeper layers of your experience and focus ONLY on your process. Recommended  for first timers and beginners!

Individual 3 Hour Session - $275

Breath of Remembrance + Therapeutic Integration Session - $375

Integration Sessions

with Lana Elco

Integration session is a follow up support session after your transformational breathwork journey. It is all about providing you with the necessary support, structure and guidance to successfully integrate your experience into your every day life. There are certain common challenges that breathwork practitioners experience after their inner journeys. It is important to stay connected with the message and energy of your journey while gradually and gently integrating it into your new way of thinking and daily life. Many times practitioners get overwhelm with the transition from safe and non-judgmental breathwork space into rough and conditioned social environment. I will help you to start building your own support system, develop regular psycho-spiritual practices and provide you with the right structure for successful integration. 

To stay connected with the truth of your journey while feeling grounded and empowered in every day life is one of the most important goals of integration. 

I usually apply a variety of different modalities and techniques in each session such as heartful conversation, bodywork, energy work, movement, guided meditation, NVC, remembrance quest, art work and etc. 

60 min Therapeutic Integration Session - $175

Package of 10 sessions ( 60 min each) - $1500

CANCELLATION POLICY: No cancellation fee if you cancel 5 days before the date of the workshop. If you cancel later and there is an emergency your fee can be applied to another workshop. No refunds if you cancel later than 5 days before the workshop. Thank you for understanding. Private sessions can be rescheduled due to emergency, sickness or personal circumstances.