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Online Breath of Remembrance Sessions 


           Online Breath of Remembrance Live Sessions 

           are a great alternative to traditional workshops. 

Online Breath Of Remembrance Workshop

Registration Fee - $25

Friday, August 23, 7.30 pm Mountain Time,
6.30 pm Pacific Time, 9.30 Eastern Time

                                                    The advantages of online sessions are:

- LOCATION FREE. You can practice Breath of Remembrance modality at your house or while traveling and still receive guidance of the facilitator, play a professionally designed breathwork music set and share your experience in Live online session (if you choose to). 

- EMERGENCY ACCESS. Sometimes we have an intense emotional experience and need tools to process it immediately. Waiting for another breathwork in your area or driving far away just to do one session of breathwork might feel overwhelming and not on time. Online Breath of Remembrance session is an answer.

- PRIVACY. Creating a sacred private space at your own house or at your own private retreat just for yourself is a privilege that online breathwork session offers you. Sometimes we don't want to be around other people but do need guidance and powerful tools to dive deep and process vulnerable material of the psyche.

- TIME FLEXIBILITY. While LIVE sessions are the most effective you can still do the same session on REPLAY within 48 hours. In this case even if you arrive late or something unexpected happens you can still proceed with the session. You'll be able to submit your questions to your facilitator after you are done and receive support after. 

- FINANCIAL ADVANTAGE. Online Breath of Remembrance sessions are much more affordable. You don't need to pay for a facilitator's time, traveling expenses, rentals, props, etc. Affordability of these sessions can help you build up a strong and consistent breathwork practice so you can really accelerate your psycho-spiritual and personal growth and deepen your remembrance of who you really are.

                                         Brandi Lewis shares her experience with Online Breath of Remembrance Session