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Mt. Shasta Healing Adventure

May 1 - 4 -  Ascension to mt. Shasta (FULL)

May 5 - 8 - Double Holotropic Breathwork at Stewart Mineral Springs.

Mt. Shasta Healing Adventure is  specifically developed for people who are on their spiritual journey and/or on the path of personal development and growth. Holotropic breathwork practitioners, nature explorers  and adventurous life travelers are warmly invited to join us for Double Holotropic Breathwork event in Stewart Mineral Springs, near Mt Shasta - one of the most powerful places on Earth. 

Join us at Stewart Mineral Springs in northern California for Double Holotropic Breathwork for an intense and deep dive into our psyche, connection with nature and community. (Ascension to Mt. Shasta  is now full.) Our team of three facilitators will guide the journey in this beautiful setting. Three organic meals a day are prepared by resort chef with vegetarian options offered are included in registration fee.


Holotropic breathwork is one of the most powerful and deepest spiritual tools available for humanity. Discovered by Stan and Christina Grof, the pioneers of transpersonal psychology, this approach offers an opportunity for

- Self-exploration

- Healing old traumas of body and psyche

- Releasing energetic blocks

- Breaking through life crisis

- Connecting with your intuition and wisdom

- Transforming habitual life patterns

- Opening up to transpersonal realms and creativity

The key principle of Holotropic Breathwork is to trust the Inner Healer activated inside of us in non-ordinary state of consciousness. Every person has their own healing process with the content and quality unique for this particular moment of their life. Safe setting, evocative music, experienced facilitators, loving and supportive atmosphere create an opportunity for deep self-exploration and healing.

You are welcome to read more at official Holotropic Breathwork website: www.holotropic.com


Where: Stewart Mineral Springs Retreat is located in Weeds, California, near Mt. Shasta.

When: Thursday, May 5- Sunday, May 8

Cost: $795

Details: Stewart Mineral Springs is one of my favorite retreats in California. Even one day in this place effected me deeply on different levels. Healing Mineral Waters and several cycles of intense detox procedures gave me deep relaxation, restored and rejuvenated my body and cleared my mind. We are excited to have you here, following your requests and preferences. 

More info:  lana@templeoflightanddark.com or 202-340-4255

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• The first day will be for settling down, opening circle, presentations and community events like movement meditation, dancing and drumming. 

• Two full breathwork days will follow and we 

• We will conclude the journey with a half a day for reflection, personal free time and closing circle on Sunday. 

* NOTE: For participants who are currently in GTT program these two breathwork sessions will be counted towards your certification.


• Lana Elco

• Amy Burrell 

• Tomek Kwiecinski

More info on our TEAM: http://www.templeoflightanddark.com/supporters

Our team of facilitators and organizers guide this journey and make the experience profound, healing and unforgettable. Besides Holotropic Breathwork sessions we will focus on the integration with the community, nature and integration of this work into every day life. 


Stewart Mineral Springs retreat is located in Weed, near Mt. Shasta. It is believed that the mineral waters here have healing attributes. It is a great place for mental well-being, restoration of the inner balance and deep relaxation of the body. The famous Bathhouse invites guests to soak in private mineral baths, enjoy the aromatic wood sauna (always free with lodging) and dive into natural cold water creek  afterwards to balance the experience. Professional massage service is available: Swedish massage, hot stone therapy, CranioSacral. Please, visit Stewart Mineral Springs website:

•  A-Frame house:  Reconnect with community, make new friends and spend quality time together. From our experience Holotropic Breathwork community includes beautiful wise souls from all over the globe and the bonds created during Holotropic events are powerful and life changing. A-frame house fits 10 people in share rooms with one  roommate arrangement. 
• Rental rooms in motel/apartment  (a room with one or two roommates).
• Single rooms are available. Notify us in advance for this preference.  NOTE: There will be an additional charge of $165 for a single room. 

MEALS INCLUDED! Three organic meals a day. Vegetarian options offered. 
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