Breath of Remembrance

Remember who you are through expanded states of consciousness 

Gratitude & Love

My name is Gary Hirthler and I'd like to share my first Holotropic Breathwork experience with you.
I did not have many expectations going in to my private session with Lana.  Many events in my life had mysteriously appeared pointing me into this direction, so I was hopeful my session would provide something profound, and boy did it ever!

Lana could not have set the session up better with what I experienced.  Along with the beautiful space she held, Lana gave me a few tips that came up so powerfully during the session.  Without her guidance, I have no doubt I would not have been able to reach the depth I did.  Her facilitation brought me to a traumatic experience from my childhood - one I did not know was traumatic until this day.  I saw clearly in this vision how this event has effected me so profoundly throughout my life, and how it dictated so much of my behavior since that point.  I saw vividly exactly how this process came about, and that realization caused me to begin crying.  I cried for what seemed like 30 minutes to an hour, and every time I surrendered, a new insight would come to me about this traumatic experience, bringing more clarity to my life, who I am, and why it is I do the things I do.  I cried tears of sadness, of gratitude, of amazement.  During this time I had the opportunity to let that little boy know that he is OK, that everything is fine.  

Another aspect of this process Lana focuses on beautifully is the integration after the session.  She emphasizes the importance of taking care of yourself after the session.  In this integration process I began to notice a feeling of acceptance coming from me to other people in my life who I normally struggle with accepting.  This was such an incredible surprise, and I can only explain it by the deep level of acceptance that I applied to myself during the breathwork session.
After my experience, I cannot recommend Lana and Holotropic breathwork enough.  It was truly life changing for me, and I very much look forward to pursuing more breathwork in the future.

- Gary Hirthler, Santa Cruz, CA

“ This was a very interesting and good experience. It opened up some new paths to conscious awareness. Lana is a skilled and gifted teacher. ”

- Jeff Hotchkiss, Writer & Mindfulness Teacher, Santa Cruz, CA

"I had an individual Holotropic Breathwork session with Lana. During my process I touched into my Primordial Maleness, the true essence of Divine Masculine. And from that place, I began to forge a whole new relationship with the Divine Feminine. Lana is a true master of space holding, total presence and empathetic support."
- Seth Burton, Spiritual Coach & Energy Healer, Santa Cruz, CA


"Integral Support Session with Lana was magical.  I am awed by the grounded certainty of her presence. One of my Sufi teachers says what we need most in life is strength and calm abiding. The way Lana works beautifully embodies both. During our session, I felt seen, met, cared for, nurtured, nourished, and loved at a deep soul level. Really looking forward to the next time."
- Dave Walker, Technical Writer & Massage Therapist

"Lana is the perfect person to go through a breathwork session with since she is very knowledgeable, intuitive, supportive and tuned into what you are going through and what you need on this deep inner journey.  Lana helped me feel very relaxed, prepared and confident since she made all the necessary preparations and explained everything very well to me and no matter what I went through in my own process she was always right there supporting me on my journey and creating a safe space.  Anytime I want to do breathwork she is the facilitator I would like to have and I have highly recommended her to my friends."
- Michael Santa Cruz, Photographer & Entrepreneur, Santa Cruz, CA

I met Lana two years ago and within this period of time I’ve become acquainted with her as a powerful coach and leader whose aim is to empower women to reach their highest potential. Lana provides great support for women going through any sort of relationship struggle – whether that struggle has to do with trust, confidence, fears, doubts, etc. She is warm, compassionate, and nonjudgmental. She is a fantastic listener who listens with her heart, reading between the lines of what is being said. She is patient, and her insights are always revelatory. If you are seeking clarity into any aspect of your relationship, reach out to Lana. She will help you navigate through any challenges and enable you to reach your highest potential.
- Gabby C., Entrepreneur, Sacramento, CA

After attending the last 2 monthly Breath of Remembrance sessions with Lana facilitating in Ben Lomond recently I can say with confidence that these 3 hour experiential breath workshops are likely the best value in the area for a powerful healing, transformative, safe, enjoyable group experience happening right now! What a Gift to give yourself! I lovingly invite you all to discover the beauty and power that rests inside your heart and soul waiting to be rediscovered! If we are going to collectively heal this planet we must do the deep healing work within ourselves. This powerful breath work may be the fastest and most direct way to access that sacred space within us! Amen!

- Paul Robbins, Massage Therapist & Bodyworker, Watsonville, CA

I’ve known Lana for over three years now. Lana is a powerhouse of wisdom, strength, and commitment to healing. She is a remarkable woman with a capacity to understand, hold, and support each person’s transformation. I have experienced Lana’s expertise as a facilitator as well as a colleague, and she has been unfailingly present and effective, with profound insight into the feminine and masculine forces. She has an uncanny ability to lead people towards love and trust in their lives, and to resolve the obstacles of fear and self-doubt. I would highly recommend Lana as a guide for transformation.
           -  Leeza Pachepsky, PhD, Holotropic Breathwork facilitator, San-Francisco, CA
Lana is a natural at conducting group breathwork sessions. If you are looking to further experience the power of your breath, you are in for a wonderful experience. Lana is skilled at helping all levels of breathing. I look forward to participating again. 

Randy Hold, Hypnotherapist & Healer, San Jose, CA

The first thing that struck me about both Lana and the studio for the session  was the warmth and safety I felt upon entering.I immediately felt held and a sense of comfort.. The studio was peacefully dark, warm, and cave, or womb-like. With warm wall hangings, soft light and cozy individual pallets, I felt protected and private. Lana explained in detail how the session would go, created a clear communication framework and we settled in for the breathing session. The music was perfect and loud enough to allow me to let go and not worry about making noise. I knew Lana was right there the entire time, making it easy to go deep and trust her with all of the details. I was surprised at how much I could release and how deep those hours took me. I had done other breath work and had good experiences, but nothing else has even come close to being as transformative. In fact, it was so powerful that my son and husband both signed up for a workshop with Lana! After working with Lana and then having another holotropic breathwork session elsewhere, I can definitively state that she and her studio are unique. I had such a great experience that I'm  traveling to her from Seattle this winter for another session!

 Holotropic breathing is not only a  powerful modality for moving through old trauma and stuck patterns; it's also a way of reaching truly beautiful states of consciousness. Because of her warmth and presence, and her wonderful studio Lana helped me get all that this simple, safe, and unique modality has to give. 

Annie McLaulin, Birth Doula, Seattle, WA

The breathing workshop was excellent. I was shown a vision that explained almost everything what’s going on in my life through being shown thousands of years of kashic record in one hour. I got the invitation on a different Facebook group of channels psychics and mediums. I’m gonna recommend it to my friends in the group. That breathwork meditation proved to be a powerful tool to get hidden information.

- Dave Motzkus, Santa Cruz, CA

Lana is an experienced and passionate guide. I have explored a variety of 'personal growth' modalities, and this is one of simplest, most immediate and acutely powerful experiences I've ever had. Highly recommended. ”

Matt Perry, Journalist, Santa Cruz, CA

"I am an older disabled man with experience in a number of body/mind modalities. 
The few sessions that I've done with Lana have produced more insight, comfort and genuine growth than has any other type of work in a comparable amount of time.
Through a combination of eye gazing, bodywork, music and breathwork an opening is made into a wide field of possibilities. Each session is different. Working together with Lana's calm presence, gentle guidance, simple witnessing and empathic gaze, we have created experiences which I have found enormously satisfying. She has a heart energy that is like hot buttered sunshine and very soothing to my soul.

- Joe Blair. Santa Cruz, CA

“ Lana, Thank you for holding the breathing ceremony this past weekend. The space you created was focused and safe and allowed for the magic to flow with ease. The experience itself was beautiful - I merged effortlessly with the healer within and the work to be done was done. I'm grateful you are here and have brought this with you! ”

- Andrew Walker, Salt Lake City, UT

"I met Lana two years ago, and have worked with her since. She has served not only as a life coach and mentor, but as a close friend as well. She is very professional and eager to help; she is very compassionate and eager to help and her listening skills are much valued by someone such as I. She has implemented her trainings during our sessions, and helped me gain tremendous insight into my life, personality, and nature. It has been a pleasure to work with Lana and I recommend her services highly."

- Reema P., Santa Cruz, CA

My personal breathwork experience: Your breath can lead you to places, I could barely believe.
My dreams changed the following days: they are very bright, colorful and take place with lovely people.
Life changes as a whole.

- Heidemarie Lex, Salt Lake City, UT

My experience with Lana was truly magical.  She is such a patient attentive facilitator.  She brings light to all darkness and creates the environment for you to really experience all of the grief, live and joy that you are meant to feel on your journey to letting go.  I feel very grateful to have worked with such a conscious and present facilitator.  
Thanks Lana!!

Lisa Bordelon, Texas