Breath of Remembrance

Remember who you are through expanded states of consciousness 

Dance I AM

Our new experimental workshop combines Dance, Bodywork and Breath and creates an opportunity for:

- Emotional release and spiritual liberation,

- Self- exploration and reconnecting with your body, 

- Activating creative energies,

- Shifting every day prospective of life,

 - Changing old life patterns and stepping into your true power,

  -  Expanding the field of your life possibilities,  

  -   Connection with others on a deeper experiential level, 

  -  Rebuilding tribal and spiritual bonds between us.  

We invite you to return to our ancestral origins and experience ourselves as tribal beings.   Connected through spirit and nature, sharing the flow of life, practicing Shamanic rituals together, making magic and seeing beyond the physical realm! Let the rhythms of music and mystic settings take you for an exciting Dance trip to the fields of unknown. Let us reconnect with the forgotten stories of our ancestors. Let us attune our energies with the whole Universe and remember WHO WE REALLY ARE.  

Facilitated by Amy Burrell and Lana Elco