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L.O.V.E: Far Beyond Human Language

Posted on August 6, 2015 at 3:35 PM

The most sacred and the most mundane word… The most Universal and the most Intimate at the same time… Omnipresent and desperately absent in our lives…

We all crave to hear: I love you… and so often we don’t dare to say it ourselves…

Can love be limited or constrained? If we love one can we love another?

Can we all be in the free flow of love without fear of its loss? If love is the state of being how can we lose it? If we become love how can we lack it? Love is in absolute abundance in Universal existence. Love is the force of life. Love is the Origin. Love is the God.

Nobody can stop us from loving. Nothing can be done to prevent love. “Prohibited” love just grows stronger breaking all the barriers of separation.

Love is the glue of creation. Love is oneness. Love is Gravity, the Universal law which holds the world together. The Gravity of Love holds both elementary particles and giant stars together… The gravity of Love is holding our planet in warm presence of the star called Sun creating perfect conditions for interconnected diversity of life. The Love of our star is wise and nurturing: not too cold and not too warm, just perfect for the dream of paradise. I can see it through overwhelming beauty of our planet.

We Do have everything to enter the Kingdom of True Love. All conditions are already met. All pieces of creation are already brought together. All preparation and training has been completed. The invitation is inside of us. The gates are open. The only action needed is to accept and allow.

Let our longing hearts meet what they are craving for… Let breathe LOVE through our hearts and remember the Origins of life.

I feel You

I see You





Lana, Shanta La - The Path of Soft Light

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