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The Power of Gratitude

Posted on October 1, 2015 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (6)

These days we speak more and more about gratitude. I see it as an important part of human awakening. Let's dive a little bit deeper and connect with the energy of gratitude.


How does it feel to be grateful? Who is the person we are feeling grateful to and how does it change our day? Or maybe, we feel grateful for our life, for experience to be alive, to breathe, to see, to touch and thear the music... Whatever or whoever inspires us to feel gratitude it makes us happy, humble and centered in our hearts. When we feel gratitude we cannot be depressed. Moreover reconnecting with the energy of gratitude is the first step out of depressive states of psyche. Just take a moment and try to remember: have you ever felt grateful and depressed at the same time?


Gratitude is the center of positive attitude towards life and positive perception of reality. There is always a reason to feel grateful, even towards people who annoy us the most. While zooming out of the situational routine we start to see the lesson we could not see before. The ones who annoy and irritate us are pointing out to our own life patterns which often reside in the white spots of our psyche.

Gratitude is a useful tool to find out about those white spots, bring them to the conscious level and work with them. How would we do this?


Think about the person who annoys you the most, start to feel it in your body. Not the best sensation but it is just an exercise of self-exploration. Can you feel it? Good. Now try to find the place inside yourself where you can feel gratitude. It might be hard sometimes. So if it does not work, just try to feel gratitude for something really amazing in your life. When you start to grow the energy of gratitude in your psyche and your body, reconnect with the annoying person again. Maybe your mind will help you to find the reason to feel grateful to them. Even if it is something very small stay with the feeling of gratitude, breathe into it and let it grow. You will be truly surprised that you can feel grateful to every single person you met in your life. You can keep doing this exercise as often as you need. It is one of the best antidepressants without any medication. Those ones who tend to take things personal will benefit tremendously. It will help to develop non-judgmental perception of the outside world and understand that other people might be self-absorbed once in a while and do not really have an intention to hurt us.

Another truth about gratitude is that it loves to flow. The exchange of gratitude creates powerful fields of high vibrational frequencies. Do you enjoy when others express gratitude to you? Doesn't it feel so good and ecstatic? So you have the power to multiply the energy of gratitude yourself. Don't be afraid to share how grateful you are to others. You don't need to flatter, just say the truth. If you do it with no agenda and no expectations people will feel it and open their hearts to you. They will be grateful to you for giving them positive feedback and sharing positive energy with them.

It does not mean that you should not share something you do not enjoy about others. You can always say what bothers you after sharing your gratitude. The effect will be so much better for you, for another person and for the positive vibrational field you are creating together.

Enjoy your Gratitude!


Temple of Light and Dark: Our Vision of Universal principles

Posted on August 19, 2015 at 8:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Light versus Dark

Somewhere on the borderline between extreme light and extreme dark Life is born in its explosion of colors, forms and diversity. The consciousness embodies itself in variety of life form and moves planetary and Universal evolution forward. Our Divine is playing with matter and experiencing itself in a physical realm.

Life is designed to change and transform. When we are attuned with an ever changing flow of Life it supports us on our path.

Embracing full spectrum of Life we experience its light and dark sides.

Light and Darkness are two eternal aspects of creation which would not exists without each other.

The quality of light and dark transcends far beyond physical expression of reality and our third Dimension.

Light and Dark are not equivalent of Good and Evil. Beyond human reference Light and Dark have no emotional charge or quality of judgment. They just ARE.

Both of them can be used for good or evil. One can kill with light and heal with darkness. The truth is beyond that. Light and Darkness are fundamental eternal principles of creation.

In our Temple we honor and integrate both principles as equally powerful and unthinkable without each other. The eternal partners of cosmic dance!


Truth versus Deception

Instead of demonizing the darkness we would like to experiment by playing with a different polarity: Truth versus Deception. This duality is well represented in the human world. Again without trying to see these energies through human system of judgments, we intuitively understand the value of both. Like any duality, it creates space for manifestation of Free Will – one of the most powerful Laws of the Universe. As through the act of Free Will we choose what to represent and manifest through our own being: Truth or Deception.

The energy of Deception is an important part of creation. In nature, Deception exists in survival and defense mechanisms such as camouflage, mimicry and etc. In human society, an excessive amount of Deceptive energy accumulates due to intense use of controlling and manipulating tools. Every system with dominating energy of Deception uses human emotion FEAR to keep control and protect the system from undesirable change.

In Universal way every system with dominating energy of Truth uses human feeling of LOVE to keep its integrity while being open to constant change and other systems.

We will talk more about the polarity of Truth and Deception in our new blogs.


The Power of I AM

What do we need to be supported by life and have trust for future? Do we need any special conditions or preparation? A good look, a happy family, certain personal qualities and abilities, credentials, achievements? This is what we are taught to believe. Do we ever dare to doubt it? Do we ever see ourselves beyond cultural and social references? Do we know our true identity?

Let’s just imagine that LOVE is free and we do not need to deserve it. Let’s just imagine that there is abundance of everything we ever need and there is an open access to everything. Let’s just imagine we are free of all references, limitations and judgments and can express our true nature through infinite amount of creative channels. There is no need for competition in infinity. There are no winners and losers, there is no failure. Let’s just imagine to have the permission to just BE.

LET’S JUST IMAGINE… That is the beginning of Life and a powerful force of creation. Our imagination is a doorway to numerous layers of memory – individual and collective. Imagination connects us with an ancient memory of our true identity.



Believing versus Knowing

Believe is something we develop through life, gain or lose under different circumstances. The outside world challenges our beliefs and sometimes they fail. Believing who we are is changing in the flow of life.

What is so different about knowing? Does it bring us to a more fundamental level of awareness? There is no doubt in Knowing. Our body knows how to be alive and support life functions. Our instincts know how to survive. Our heart knows how to love. When we KNOW WHO WE ARE we step out of all conditions, beyond system of beliefs, judgments and labels, beyond individual fears and doubts. When we know who we are we are free and powerful. When we know our Divine origins we accept the flow of Life just the way it is. There is no right or wrong, there is no need to control. Our Divine is absolute, humble in its total acceptance and powerful in its infinite creativity. Our Divine is attuned with the Universe in being and existence. Our DIVINE is PERFECT.

Spiritual inner work awakens our human body and mind to see our own Divine nature. The most crucial and transformational moment of human life is to meet our own Divine! Mind blowing, challenging, ecstatic and blissful! When the question meets the answer, when the seeker finds the truth.

Our Divine is our real teacher and the wisest guide through life times. LET US REMEMBER WHO WE ARE.



L.O.V.E: Far Beyond Human Language

Posted on August 6, 2015 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The most sacred and the most mundane word… The most Universal and the most Intimate at the same time… Omnipresent and desperately absent in our lives…

We all crave to hear: I love you… and so often we don’t dare to say it ourselves…

Can love be limited or constrained? If we love one can we love another?

Can we all be in the free flow of love without fear of its loss? If love is the state of being how can we lose it? If we become love how can we lack it? Love is in absolute abundance in Universal existence. Love is the force of life. Love is the Origin. Love is the God.

Nobody can stop us from loving. Nothing can be done to prevent love. “Prohibited” love just grows stronger breaking all the barriers of separation.

Love is the glue of creation. Love is oneness. Love is Gravity, the Universal law which holds the world together. The Gravity of Love holds both elementary particles and giant stars together… The gravity of Love is holding our planet in warm presence of the star called Sun creating perfect conditions for interconnected diversity of life. The Love of our star is wise and nurturing: not too cold and not too warm, just perfect for the dream of paradise. I can see it through overwhelming beauty of our planet.

We Do have everything to enter the Kingdom of True Love. All conditions are already met. All pieces of creation are already brought together. All preparation and training has been completed. The invitation is inside of us. The gates are open. The only action needed is to accept and allow.

Let our longing hearts meet what they are craving for… Let breathe LOVE through our hearts and remember the Origins of life.

I feel You

I see You





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