Breath of Remembrance

Remember who you are through expanded states of consciousness 

                    Breath of Remembrance One Year Apprenticeship Program

                                  What does it take to become a Breath of Remembrance Facilitator:

  1. 1-2 pages Essay about yourself, your psycho-spiritual journey, your existing healing/consciousness work or intention to do healing/consciousness work so I can get to know you before we start working together.

  1. 26 Video or in-person individual or mini group coaching sessions including:

A. “Remember who you are”: Personal Mastery & Psycho-Spiritual Self-Exploration ( 8 )

working on your psycho-spiritual journey  including healing old wounds, releasing societal conditioning, transforming life patterns, alignment with your soul purpose, deepening your journey or self-discovery and transformation, emotional intelligence, communication skills, integration of your expanded states of consciousness experience. Includes guided journaling ( as homework)

B. “The Transpersonal Universe”: Educational Material & Understanding a transpersonal approach based on your work with video Training Material. Creating 1 hour and 3 hours music sets ( 8 )

C. “The Guide into the Mystery” Facilitation & Coaching Skills. ( 9 )

Facilitating expanded states of consciousness experiences. Creating and holding sacred space. Set & setting. Facilitating group journey in a circle ( tribal) modality/setting. Navigating group dynamics in “now” time. Group agreements and safety guidelines. Professional ethics. Facilitating group conflicts and unpredictable situations. The structure and core elements of Breath of Remembrance workshops and private sessions. Bodywork. Integration after the workshop. Integration sessions with participants. Basic skills of Transformational coaching. Facilitator’s boundaries. Community building & Tribal technology. Working with couples.

D. “A Thriving Healer” Breath of Remembrance Business Model & Wealth Consciousness (1) - more sessions available on demand (optional, extra fee)

How to make your healing business profitable and sustainable? Why every modern healer has to embody wealth consciousness? Core elements of Breath of Remembrance Business Model. Starting from scratch or integrating Breath of Remembrance into your existing healing business. Available business tools.

2. 10 Your own Breathwork journeys ( including 3 hours version and 5 hour version). 5 of breathwork workshops are included in the program. 5 of breathwork journeys can be self organized with other apprentices so you can practice facilitation skills with each other (after 6 months of being in this program).

3. 10 apprenticeships at 3 hour (at least two) and 5 hour workshops ( at least 3 ) and at least one personal session. The workshops and private sessions can be organized by the apprentice with the presence of the facilitator. At the end of the program apprentices can facilitate for each other.

4. Video Trainings: 24 Video Trainings for self study ( to be explored with the educator during the individual  or mini group zoom sessions). 

5. A list of books to read ( recommended but not required).


Payment Plan is available.

Watch this short video to hear about Heidi Nybo's Breath of Remembrance Apprenticeship program experience... 

Together we can heal the world and create deeply authentic relationships.

Curriculum of the Program:

24 Video Modules:

1) Introduction to Breath of Remembrance Modality.

Definition of Breath of Remembrance. Definition of Expanded States Of Consciousness. 

Key Benefits of this Breathwork modality. History of breathwork. Evolution of human consciousness. A regular psycho-spiritual practice. 4 key elements. 

2) “Know thy Self”: Self-Discovery & Self-Exploration

The complexity of human psyche through the lens of transpersonal approach.

4 levels of human experience: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Wholeness and balance. Pre-verbal experience and childhood trauma. How does healing work? Why can’t we heal through an idea? How do we heal through experience? 

3) The Embodiment of the Sacred. 

Body wisdom practice. Psycho-somatic phenomena. Emotional release through movement and bodywork & vocalization. Permission for self expression. Body & Mind - Integration of embodiment. 

4) Emotional Release & Emotional Intelligence. 

Working with emotional triggers. Navigating and mastering your emotions. 

5) Master your Mind

The Power of Mindset.

6) Psycho-Spiritual exploration. 

Transpersonal experiences. Interconnectedness of all things. Synchronicities & manifestation. 

7) Transforming old life patterns

The definition of COEX. Building the bridge between subconscious and conscious. Shadow work. Basic Perinatal Matrixes ( BPM ). Teaching of Stan & Kristina Grof. When transpersonal becomes personal.

8) Psycho-spiritual activation.

Spiritual emergency. Psycho-spiritual crisis. Kundalini. Receiving downloads. Mystical experiences. 

9) Healing the Inner Child. 

Self Love, Self Compassion, Self-Acceptance. Parenting your Inner Child. Re-writing your story. Healing childhood traumas.

10) Collective consciousness & its influence. 

Collective Shadow. Collective Unconscious. Seeing the invisible. Processing the collective. Genetic memory. Social and cultural conditioning. Discernment Practice.  

11) Existential Polarities. 

Feminine & Masculine. Light and Dark. 

The Chart of Universal Feminine & Masculine qualities. Transcendence & embodiment.  

12) Working with Archetypes. 

Your innate archetype. Collective archetypes. Feminine & Masculine Archetypes.

13) Discovering your Soul Purpose through breathwork practice. 

Inner truth. Innate gifts. Your personal belief system. 

12) Chakra system. Understanding your energetic subtle body.

13) Shamanism, Western and Eastern philosophies and religions. 

14) Tantra, Intimacy and Human Sexuality. 

The basics of ancient tantric teachings. Understanding human sexuality and intimacy. Working with sexual energy. Healing sexual wounds. Hyper activated and dormant sexuality. Sexual health. Female sexuality. Sexuality and emotional health.  

15) Breath of Remembrance & Relationships

Facilitating your close relationships during the time of transformation. Setting up the boundaries. Relationship agreements. Sharing. Healing past relationship wounds. Letting of old relationships and emotional closure. Releasing social conditioning around relationships. Multiple relationship models. The concept of creative relationships. Understanding soul agreements.

16) Music & Sound in Breath of Remembrance.

How to create a powerful music set? The importance of music and sound in the breathwork journey. 

17)  Facilitation Process.

Facilitating group experience. The key elements of facilitation. The structure of group workshop. Individual sessions. Group agreements. Set & Setting. Navigating group process & conflict resolution. Setting the boundaries. Preparing yourself for group facilitation. Medical forms. Contraindications. Closure & group integration ( tribal sharing). Working with couples. Couple needs and agreements. 

18) Integration Process.

Integration tips after a breathwork journey. Integration session with attendees ( video call, one-on-one, phone call). Understanding the depth and complexity of the integration process. Creative integration. Expressive Journaling. Developing regular psycho-spiritual practices.  Offering other modalities as integrative tools.

19) Authentic communication

Conscious communication, NVC ( non violent communication) as  a tool of integration and continuous growth.

20) Ethics & integrity in Breath of Remembrance practice.

21) Tribal technology. 

Building the community around Breath of Remembrance practice. Creating a sustainable support system. Validating our deepest needs ( belonging and emotional safety).

22) Wealth consciousness. 

The concept of the Thriving Healer. The balance between giving and receiving in Breath of Remembrance healing business. Intuitive pricing. Self worth and professional appreciation. 

23) Business model of Breath of Remembrance. 

Systems and structures to help your business grow. Integrating Breath of Remembrance in your existing healing business. Business that serves life. 

24) Your contribution in healing and evolution of human consciousness.

 Living your soul purpose. Cosmology. Evolution of humanity. Higher Consciousness or a Great Mystery.

Each apprentice will receive a Certificate of Graduation upon successful completion of this Training. 

* The educator has the right to make modifications in this program.

We usually have a video call with each apprenticeship candidate before enrolling in this program so I can get to know you, learn aboutyour life journey and your interest to become a Breath of Remembrance facilitator.

If you have any questions about the Apprenticeship Program , please, contact me directly:

202-340-4255 - Lana

[email protected]