Breath of Remembrance

Remember who you are through expanded states of consciousness 

Welcome to the Mystery of your Inner Temple

My name is Lana Elco. I created the Temple of Light and Dark to follow my own life mission and to invite others who resonate with this work to join me on this path. We can all feel upcoming changes on the planetary level. The old patterns are not serving us anymore. Resistance to change brings suffering and pain. Acceptance and heart opening brings adventure, growth and new opportunities.

Connecting to our True Selves through inner work, spiritual experiences, authentic communication and healthy lifestyle gives us a chance to clearly understand, accept and voice our true needs:

  • To love and be loved
  • To be safe,
  • For human connection (relationships, belonging to the tribe/group)
  • To have healthy life conditions,
  • To explore and create,
  • To play and enjoy.

The fastest way to satisfy these universal needs is to remember who we really are and come back to the simplicity of life.  Getting lost in details is one of the main reasons of anxiety and fear.

When we speak up for our true needs the Universe will give us a better container to satisfy them through transformation of the human relationship system. It starts to manifest everywhere: in our personal relationships as well as in social, economic, political and financial fields.

Our Mission is:

  • To assist evolution of human consciousness
  • To build up a new system of human relationships based of our true needs on current stage of evolution
  • To voice our true needs to the outside world in order to activate the change of the system
  • To discern deception and truth in order to improve our navigation skills in the outside reality
  • To activate highly conductive channels for the flow of Love energy both on individual and collective levels through our inner work and tribal processing.
  • To restore healthy balance between existential polarities.

We manifest our Mission through the following steps:

  • Exploring the relationships of existential polarities: light and dark, feminine and masculine
  • Accepting the light and dark sides of your being
  • Remembering who YOU REALLY ARE
  • Stepping into your full Divine power
  • Activating your own inner healer and inner teacher
  • Liberating from old life patterns
  • Healing wounds between genders
  • Meeting your life partners in the sacred union of freedom and love
  • Reconnecting with your intuition and creativity
  • Returning to your soul tribe

We invite your True Self to step forward and speak your own Truth Now.


Lana Elco, MA

Transformational Coach, Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator, Certified Yoga Teacher

The founder of the Temple, Lana had a long path before she found her new home in California and started the true work of her life. Ukrainian born she always had a calling to leave her home town and find a place where her energy starts to manifest into the world. She studied sociology, social psychology and business administration and had an interesting life as a business owner. Travelling around the world and guided by her intuitive search she received a message in her meditation to move to Santa Cruz, California. Following her heart she discovered that the whole Universe supports her on her life path. Today the focus of her interest is spiritual experiences, transpersonal psychology and human connection. She offers such powerful tools as Holotropic Breathwork, tantra, dance and bodywork, yoga and meditation. She is also involved in NVC (nonviolent communication) and Zegg Transformational psychodrama. One of the greatest lessons of her life is the Sacred Union of Love and Freedom. Her core belief/knowledge is that every being has Divine origin and an infinite potential for creativity. 

Amy Burrell, MA

Amy Burrell is a multidisciplinary artist whose focus is on the body.  She has an MFA in textiles, where her main focus was in creating installations where the viewer became the participant and explored new possibilities for interaction.  She also holds a BS in Ballet with an outside field in Psychology and is a Certified Massage Therapist.  She is currently interested in Holotropic breathwork and ecstatic dance where one can explore the healing potentials of being in non ordinary states.  Through dance we can move energies in the body and experience remembering our deep connection to ourselves, to others and the all.