Temple of Light and Dark

Integral Support for Body, Mind and Spirit 

Emotional Healing & the Power of Receiving for Women
Facilitated by Lana Elco
When: Saturday, September 2, 5-7 pm
Where: Private Studio, Copperton, Utah ( the address will be sent to you upon RSVP & Registration) 

Online Early Bird Registration (before August 29) - $15

After August 29 - $20


Come & join us for 2 hour event "Emotional Healing & the Power of Receiving for women"... 

We'll explore the connection with each other in a safe and nurturing space, let go of our social defense mechanisms, relax into the truth of our hearts and explore deep currents of our real emotions. 

We, women, are emotional beings. It is important for us to accept our emotions and allow them to be our power instead of our weakness. We'll learn how to track the origins of our emotional triggers and see what is behind our emotional wounds.

We'll dive deep and find out how our emotional reactions affect our relationship with men. We, women, are wired differently and perceive life differently. So it is important to discern what is ours and what was adopted and imposed through our education, upbringing and social conditioning.

We'll learn about Receiving States and the value of our ability to receive in life and relationships.

During this 2 hour experience we'll explore different a few practices to return to our emotional authenticity, voice our truth, express ourselves through movement and listen to the wisdom of the body.

We'll have a sharing circle so we can all connect on a very deep level and create an energy of trust and safety.

As this is our first meetup in Utah I will also share the intention and focus of the Empowered Women's Circle. We'll get to know each other on personal level and decide what our next topic will be.